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Is Histogen Effective for Treating Baldness?

Learn if Histogen is effective at treating hair loss from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


Histogen's Hair Stimulating Complex or HSC is currently being investigated for use as an injectable to grow new hair. What it does is it uses growth factors and Wnt proteins to stimulate stem cells to grow new hair. Histogen is based in San Diego, and I've been the primary investigator for several studies, and have done some IRB research as well. The studies that we've done so far with Histogen and HSC have been very promising. They show very good safety profile and they actually show some hair growth. However, it's gonna be quite some time before these are available to the general public, because they have to go through FDA clearance. While the clinical studies in the early IRB studies that we've done have been very promising it's still probably gonna be a long time before these are available to the general public. They have to get through FDA clearance and that takes quite some years.

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