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5 Eyebrow Transplant FAQs

Get answers to five eyebrow transplant FAQs from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


It's extremely common for both men and women to have hair loss in their eyebrows. This is a big problem, because the eyebrows act as like curtains to the windows of the eyes. It's a very important form for expression. People have no idea that you can transplant eyebrows extremely successfully.

People that have eyebrow loss is extremely common, actually much more common that most people would think. We actually do approximately one eyebrow transplant a week, which is a lot, for most people.

There are many reasons that people suffer from eyebrow hair loss. The most common is from over plucking. A lot of times women have over plucked because it was in vogue to have thin eyebrows. They'd pluck and pluck and pluck until the eyebrow hair doesn't grow.

Fortunately for them we can transplant the eyebrow hair extremely successfully. You take the hair from the back of the head still, from the scalp, and we transplant it into the eyes.

It's important you have a lot of artistic skill with regards to the eyebrows because not only do you have to establish a very good shape--it's important when you do women you have a nice arch, and with men you have more of a T shape--it's important to understand that medially, the hairs go upward. As you move laterally to the edge of the eye, the hairs kind of come down this way and up this way and meet to the mid-line.

Whether you have eyebrow hair loss from over plucking or whether you've had a medical condition, such as thyroid or other things, just age, that have caused the eyebrow hair to fall out, you can feel safe that transplants are a viable option which will give you a nice, aesthetic look.

It's much better than just doing a simple tattoo because the simple tattoos are flat. The colors seem to fade so it doesn't look as natural.

If you have a tattoo, we can transplant right through that and give it three dimensions with added hair.

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