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5 Hair Cloning FAQs

Get answers to five hair cloning FAQs from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


A very common question that people ask is about hair cloning. Hair cloning is probably more appropriately called hair multiplication. But what it is, is where you take one hair follicle and you make many from that. Well, with today's technology we have been able to work with that to some extent but it's not ready for public use. For example, what we do is we take several hair follicles from the back of the head and then in a laboratory we break them down and and try to reproduce them and multiply them so that we can get the appropriate components of both the bulb of the hair and the stem cells to create new cells and new hairs and then what we have to do is to transplant them back into the head. So they can be grown in a lab and than transplanted back into the head. Another type of a multiplication or cloning is one that a company called Histogen is involved in, and that's where they use growth factors and proteins to actually stimulate cells to grow their hair. So that instead of actually taking hair out of the head and growing it in the laboratory and putting it back in what we do is we would just use an injectable where we inject these growth factors and proteins into the scalp and try to stimulate the hair's own stem cells to grow new hair or to thicken the existing hair. This has been quite successful in the early studies but in both situations nothing is ready for patient use today.

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