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What Is a Hair Camouflage Product?

Learn about hair camouflage products from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


Hair camouflage products are really great for a lot of patients. They actually come in the form of powder or sprays, and they're very successful with patients that have some existing hair. They don't work great on a bald scalp. If you have a bald scalp, you've got to do a combination of some powder on the scalp to try to decrease the contrast of the skin to hair color, and then use these hair thickeners, such as these powders or sprays.

If you have some existing hair, it can really work nicely, and I've found a lot of patients, particularly women, who have come into my office and after seeing several hair transplant surgeons have been extremely depressed about the fact that their was nothing that can be done for them.

Then what I do is simply tell them about these hair thickening products, the camouflage products, and they turn into a different person. They're happy and feel more comfortable and more secure. Because with the typical pattern that women have, which is thinning hair, if you use these products, it can give you the impression of having a lot more hair. It looks pretty natural.

You have to use them daily, but they're very effective for patients who want to, for example, use them when they're going to an event or a wedding, something where there's going to be pictures that are going to capture they way they look. If you use this, it doesn't matter how much light there is. The patient looks like they have a full head of hair. it makes it very opaque, and it gives them that security and freedom.

We use it often in combination with patients who are going through the transplant procedure as they're awaiting the growth phase. So that as the hairs grow out, they're able to have that confidence and comfort of using the thickening powder, and then as the hair grows out, they use less and less and less of the cover-up.

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