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How to Use Tattooing to Hide Hair Loss

Learn how to use tattooing to hide hair loss from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


An interesting new topic with hair loss is tattooing to hide the hair loss. Tattooing is a very interesting proposition because it can be used to help hide scars in the back of the head; it can also be used to give background density to the top of the head where the hair is thin, because if you tattoo, and give the scalp more color and you eliminate that contrast of the skin color to the hair color, it's gonna look fuller. So that's another viable option. But today there are actually certain people who are tattooing the entire scalp to make it look like a shaved head, so they are actually taking that look where the head is shaved and you get little tiny stubble and so the tattooing is done very painstakingly, little strokes at a time to create little dots just like if the hair was shaved. Now, this is good; however it only leaves you one option of how to wear your hair and that's obviously it being shaved short. So I think it's an option, if that's one of the things you are looking for. But I like it better as a filler to use in-between the hair transplants that we do currently.

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