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What Are Beard Transplants & Sideburn Transplants?

Learn about beard transplants and sideburn transplants from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


We at Ziering Medical get inquiries everyday from people who want to know if we can transplant the hair on their face. For example, they want to know, if they can... we can regrow their beard or their mustache.

And we actually can. And it works quite well. What we do is we take the hair from the back of the head, we clip it short, and then we can transplant it into the beard or into the mustache to give people a full goatee if they want or, just a mustache or to actually fill in little gaps. Some people get little gaps where, the hair just doesn't grow and has never grown. And the nice thing about the transplants is it maintains donor dominance.

And what donor dominance means is it keeps the program from which it came, therefore as long as it's growing back here, we can move it into this area and it will grow. Some stranger places, but... places that we've transplanted to as well have been to the chest for being that, are well you know are missing patches or that want some chest hair. For, for some women we've actually transplanted in the pubic region. For women that have had either c-section scars or scars in that area. We've also transplanted into areas on, on the legs for, not for women but for men who've actually rubbed off the hairs, either from playing football and having the taped on all the time.

And so in short it just doesn't, you know, it just doesn't look natural. So we've transplanted the hair, hair their as well.

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