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What Is a Robotic Hair Transplant?

Learn about robotic hair transplants from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


Robotic hair restoration, I believe, can be the next greatest thing in the field of hair transplants. It's extremely interesting, extremely advanced technology. And what it is exactly is this company called Restoration Robotics developed this artist machine. And what the machine does, it helps assist us with a laser-guided, robotic arm in doing the follicular unit extraction process.

Today, all it's able to do is assist in the hardest thing. It's very time-consuming to remove the grafts from the back of the head one unit at a time. This requires a lot of concentration on the physician, by the physician and actually results in operator fatigue. It's also difficult to be very consistent at the appropriate angle and depth for the extraction of the graft.

However, the robot, which is guided by the surgeon, is able to reproduce the angle, the depth of penetration and the consistency to give us very nice grafts on a consistent basis for harvesting with very little fatigue of the surgeon. Because the surgeon actually uses a handheld device similar to playing a video game, and can actually see the follicles as they're being extracted one at a time.

While the robot today is only able to harvest the donor tissue, there are plans for the future for it to be able to be used to make recipient sites, as well as potentially even transplanting the grafts.

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