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Can Latisse Treat Baldness?

Learn about Latisse for baldness from hair transplant surgeon Craig Ziering, MD in this Howcast video.


People often ask us what can we do with Latisse with regard to hair loss. Well, as many of you already know Latisse is made by Allergen and Latisse is used for eyelash restoration. So what it is it thickens and regrows some of the existing hairs in the eyelashes. Some doctors are using it for eyebrows and other people have thought hey, maybe this can re-grow my hair on my scalp. We've used it successfully actually to help thicken eyebrows particularly after eyebrow transplants. People that have eyebrow loss is is extremely common actually much more common than than most people would think. Well, naturally the next question is can I pour it on my head and will it re-grow my hair. There are currently trials that being completed now, clinical trials to see and gauge the results with these products. You'll have to wait for the results though but you can follow them on our website

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