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How to Treat & Prevent Baldness with Dr. Craig Ziering

Learn about Dr. Craig Ziering, one of Howcast's thinning hair and baldness experts, in this video.


My name is Doctor Craig Ziering and I'm board certified in dermatology and I'm a hair transplant surgeon who's been doing hair transplant surgery for over 20 years and over 18,000 procedures.

I'm the Medical Director, Founder and CEO of Ziering Medical Worldwide. Our headquarters are in Beverly Hills and we have offices in London, Marbella, Barcelona, Dubai. And we're currently expanding into Asia and Russia.

I'm very fortunate because every day I get to come to work and I get to help people figure out how to deal with their hair loss problems. We develop game plans that are specific for each individual.

It's nice because we're able to use our hands and we're able to use the creative side to artistically recreate a natural hairline and fill in areas of balding and thinning scalp.

We try to do this with compassion using the latest technology and techniques many of which I've been involved in developing. We've developed microscopes for the use for dissecting the graphs into their individual units. We've developed the blades that are used to create the recipient sites.

And we've also developed some of the techniques in the patterns for developing the whorl or the bald spot in the back of the head and how we reconstruct that. That's called the Ziering Whorl.

We try to provide the best possible service, the best experience and the most natural looking results.

For more information our website is Today we're going to be talking about hair loss and treatment options.

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