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How to Become a Restaurant Owner

Learn how to become a restaurant owner from restaurateur Paul Bolles-Beaven in this Howcast video.


Anyone can become a restaurant owner if they have a lot of money. All they need is an idea, a bunch of money, a team and then pretty much they're in the game. Now of course, if you don't have a lot of money, you may have to approach it in a different way. You may have to try to get someone to invest in your idea and make sure you have a great team that can give them a return on their investment. You may need to borrow money and have debt to be able to start your restaurant or own a restaurant. Or you may want to work your way into being an owner in an existing restaurant, a partner in a restaurant.

All that requires is that you work really hard and prove yourself over time, and that you act and think like you have the responsibility of an owner. Not the privilege of being an owner but the responsibility. Think about it as if it were your money being spent on every plate or glass or flower or garbage removal or décor or a comped meal. Think about it.

Another way to look at this is what does it take to become a restaurateur? Someone who really lives the restaurant business as an owner, not just a financial owner. For me that's about wanting to serve people. That's about wanting to be someone who provides something for people. A great dining experience. A great moment of food and hospitality and fellowship and beverage. A great experience that makes their whole night, their whole day feel very special. That's something that you have to have that you can't get from a bank.

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