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Where to Buy Restaurant Supplies & Equipment

Learn how to buy restaurant supplies and restaurant equipment from restaurateur Paul Bolles-Beaven in this Howcast video.


Restaurants use a lot of equipment during their operations. Everything from the kitchen equipment to ladles, to knives, to spoons, to plateware, to glassware, to tables, to chairs, and all of that equipment is something that you can find in multiple locations.

Everywhere there are restaurants there is some sort of restaurant supply house nearby. You can find that supply house and go and look at what they have and talk with them about the different pricing options that they have or purchasing options that there made be.

It's also true that there are distributors, large distributors who will deliver large amounts of equipment to your restaurant.

It's also true that you can sometimes find restaurants that are going out of business that are auctioning off their equipment. You can sometimes make great purchases at those because you find equipment at dramatically reduced prices.

The important thing is to not overbuy equipment. Once you have it it's hard to get rid of. Once you've spent the money it's gone.

So really be careful as you buy equipment to make sure that you're buying just what you need and just what the restaurant really requires for its successful operation.

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