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How to Monitor Food Safety at Your Restaurant

Learn how to monitor food safety at your restaurant from restaurateur Paul Bolles-Beaven in this Howcast video.


In the restaurant business we make food and serve food and beverage that ends up being ingested by people and becomes part of their bodies. This is an incredible responsibility that has serious consequences if it's not monitored constantly. It is imperative that every restaurant professional understand all of the details of food safety, especially people who are working in a kitchen, but it's true of everyone on the staff.

It is vital that you learn about food safety and health department compliance in any way that you can through training, through websites, through research, and follow all of the steps that are required for proper food handling and preparation. It's also vital that as a manager in a restaurant, whether you're in the kitchen or in the dining room, that you constantly monitor the behavior of your staff, the cleanliness of your physical plant, and the correctness of all of your refrigeration, your food storage methods, the expiration dates on containers, the cleanliness of all storage areas, the fact that you have hand sinks that are properly stocked with towels and soap, that there are not leaks that are creating standing water, that the restaurant is appropriately and frequently visited by an exterminator. All of this is a way you can look every day to make sure that your restaurant is a safe place to enjoy great food.

Monitoring food safety is a very, very important part of the role of any restaurant manager. Knowing what is required and checking it every day is a very important discipline for the restaurant business.

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