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How to Hire a Restaurant Manager

Learn how to hire a restaurant manager from restaurateur Paul Bolles-Beaven in this Howcast video.


So let's talk about how you hire a restaurant manager. The first place to look is in your current staff. Is there somebody who is proving themselves every day in your restaurant and who wants to become a manager? It's a great place to look because you already know them. You know what their gifts are. You know what their strengths are. You know what their weaknesses are. You know what they need to learn. So great place to look is in your own staff.

Now, if there's no one there, you need to start looking on the outside. People who apply for restaurant management positions often have a resume that shows some different experience. It's good to consider what that restaurant might be like. Do a little research on that restaurant if you don't know it. If it's nearby, swing by the restaurant, have a little meal there, get a feeling for what their experience must be. It's also important that you have a very in depth conversation, an interview, with any management candidate to learn what motivates them, what they care about, what skills they enjoy using, what they find difficult about being a restaurant manager.

It's a very challenging job to be a restaurant manager. It involves operating in a busy environment often with a lot of stress and pressure, meeting the needs of many guests at the same time, helping motivate your staff and getting them to work hard and excellently in a very positive way in a dining room. It also involves taking care of and maintaining the equipment of the restaurant. And, it also involves overseeing some of the financial aspects of the running of the restaurant and making sure that they're handled properly.

Once you have a candidate and you're considering them, remember they're going to represent you. They're going to represent you to the guests and they're going to represent you to the staff.

So hiring your restaurant manager carefully and making that selection, making sure they fit in with the way you want your restaurant to feel is a vital role and vital move for a restaurateur.

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