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How to Pick Tabletop Settings

Learn how to pick tabletop settings with the advice from restaurateur Paul Bolles-Beaven in this Howcast video.


Table top settings in a restaurant refer, of course, to everything that's on top of the table. It send a very powerful message to your guest about the meal they are going to enjoy. It is also, something that provides all the tools the guest needs to enjoy their meal. It is the decoration as well, for the space within which they will enjoy their company, and their dining experience. When your choosing table top it should match your restaurant.

If your restaurant is casual, you may not have table cloths, you may have bare table tops, or even Formica table tops. You might have a bottom cloth on your table covered with paper. You may have linen only, on your table cloths. It sends a message about the elegance of the meal or how casual the environment is, and its an important part of creating the experience for the guest. One of the first decisions you need to make about your table top in your restaurant is that how will it be covered. Is it bare table? is it a table with linen plus paper that's changed between each guest? is it table that has linen for each guest? This send the message about the elegance or casualness of the dinning experience that you are offering in your restaurant. And it provides the canvas or the frame for the art that is the food. You also need to consider what style of service ware you will have on your table. Will there be a simple setting of a knife or a fork? Will there be two forks, a knife, a spoon and a wine glass? All of these send messages to guest about the type of experience their about to have.

And make sure they have what they need to enjoy their dining experience. You also have an opportunity with table top in plate wear, to provide beauty at the table. Now there could be very simple serviceable plates in a restaurant that are fine, plain white, and they can do the job. And that's wonderful, because they can do the job. Its a very plain background for the food, to show it's vibrant color to look appealing and appetizing to the guest. Or you may want to have very fine and inter kit china.

Different shapes and sizes, square and oval, and rectangular. These provide excitement at the table. More interest for the food as it's presented. It's also true that glassware is a key component of table top. You can have very sturdy, simple glassware for all of your beverages. Or you can have a different glass that is used for each type of beverage. You might have a glass that is specific for water, or for ice tea. Or a glass that you use for beer, and a different glass that you use for wine. In addition, you might want to consider having a candle on the table at dinner time.

There is almost always, and there certainly is in the city of New York. A Fire Department permit, an open flame permit that is required if your going to have candles on your table top. You might want to have a small vase with a flower. As long as it doesn't get in the way of the interaction of the guest. The most important thing about table top and the choices you make it, that it not be to much on the table. To much on the table is uncomfortable, its awkward, it feels claustrophobic. A table needs to serve as a appropriate place for all of the food and dishes to be placed. And to feel comfortable for the guest as they dine.

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