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How to Become a Restaurant Manager

Learn how to become a restaurant manager from restaurateur Paul Bolles-Beaven in this Howcast video.


You may start out with the desire to become a restaurant manager, or you may suddenly realize that you want to do more in the restaurant business. If you know you want to be a restaurant manager from the beginning, then everything you do can be a building block towards that moment when you become a restaurant manager.

How you become a restaurant manager is as varied as the people who are in the business. Some people go to school and learn about restaurant management in theory, and then go into the business and start working and work their way up hopefully until they can become a manager, or they graduate from school and get involved in a management training program in a larger restaurant company that's able to basically say, "Welcome, you're our management trainee," and get developed in that way into a management position.

If you're like me, you start in the restaurant business because you need a job and you think it would be fun, but you don't really know if you want to become a manager. With time, you suddenly say, "Hey, I think I'd like to do more. I'd like to involve more parts of myself in this work." If you're fortunate and prove yourself as a line position person, you may have the opportunity to be promoted into management. It is true that being a restaurant manager is a different game.

It's something that requires that you take responsibility for the business and for the product that's being offered. In a sense, you're representing the owner in the management of that company, and it comes with a great deal of responsibility. It also comes with a great deal of challenge. All of a sudden you're responsible for the performance of all of the people on your staff, and you're responsible for not only the enjoyment of the guests, but the bottom line of the restaurant. It's a great excitement, a great challenge, and it's very dynamic. Every day, something new can happen in a restaurant that, as a manager, you've never experienced before.

Great managers in the restaurant business are people who want to make other people succeed, and if you're somebody who's passionate about the restaurant business, about people, about food and beverage, and the good time that comes with all of that, and you're passionate about helping other people learn and grow and be successful, then you are a good candidate for becoming a restaurant manager.

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