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What Is Drug Abuse?

Learn all about drug abuse from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Drug abuse is exactly what it sounds like: a person abuses a drug or a substance. So, an example is that somebody takes a medically prescribed drug not as prescribed. So, for instance, mom takes three of her Valiums when should be only be taking one. Another example of that is if junior takes dad's Valiums when these Valiums are not prescribed to him. So, the person is using the substance in a non medically prescribed way. We know that people are abusing prescription drugs in record numbers but we also know that there's been an incredible increase in non-prescription drugs and street drugs. So again, the basic element here is that a person is using a substance, they're putting a substance into their body to change their mood or change the way that they feel that's not medically prescribed or directed.

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