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What Are Strange but Real Addictions?

Learn about strange but real addictions from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


So we know that there's an enormous number of things that people can get addicted too. People can also get addicted to some very strange things. Probably the strangest condition that people suffer from with addiction is what's called ? which is eating non food items. So people get addicted to eating dirt or they eat their hair or they eat their fingernails. Some of the more common strange addictions that we see are people who are addicted to plastic surgery. We see an awful lot of that. Depending upon the city where you live, even if you go to the airport, I'm constantly move by the level of the extreme measures that people take in terms of plastic surgery. People also can get a little crazy and addicted to tattoos. They cover their body with tattoos and they get addicted to that process so they can't stop. So, those are basically three of the more, becoming in my experience more and more common but considered some of the more stranger addictions.

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