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How Effective Is an Intervention in Treating Addiction?

Learn if addiction interventions are effective from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Interventions can be incredibly affective and they can be incredibly non affective. It depends upon really a number of factors. It also depends upon the person who is being intervened upon and their decision to embrace recovery in their life.

It takes an enormous amount of strength and courage to embrace recovery and so the person who, it's really up to the person who is trying to get clean and sober to get and to stay sober. We also know that there are two different kinds of interventions. The one kind is very unconfrontational and it acts as a surprise to the person. So in other words the person doesn't know that the intervention is happening.

The interventionist is hired and contacts the persons family members and the other significant people in the person's life and then they surprise them and they intervene on them. The other kind of intervention is more what's called invitational so that the person who's suffering from the disease of addiction or substance abuse knows that this is happening and it's a much slower, more involved process. So the two are very different and it all depends on the person who's doing the intervention.

And it also depends upon the person who is being intervened upon - what their personality is like, how they would receive all of this. So there are lots of variables that go into this. But again we know, I know from the work that I do that interventions can be highly, highly effective.

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