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Who Does An Addiction Intervention?

Learn who does addiction interventions from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Interventions claim to be done by a lot of different people.

What's important, though, interventions should be done by an interventionist who is properly licensed and has the proper experience. The way to find this out is to ask around. Ask other people who have had interventions done on their own family and friends, and also call treatment centers in your area that you respect and that have a good track record to get the names of interventionists who they've used in the past, who they have a track record with, who they're comfortable with the costs, and who are properly licensed.

So, interventions, like I said before, are done by a wide variety of people, but it's important that you pick the interventionist who has a strong record of success, and who is properly licensed. A large part of my work in the realm of addiction deals with treating the entire family. And, addictions are not diseases that affect just one person. The whole family suffers. So, typically I'll get a call from a family member who is very concerned, about a brother or sister, or son or daughter, or father or mother, who is using drugs, or who has an addiction, and they want to know how they can intervene in that process. Typically what I tend to do is find out more about the person who is suffering from the disease, to understand their personality. Are they very confrontational, are they really depressed, are they really anxious, find out where their mood is. Once I know where their mood is, I can advise them in terms of how to do an intervention that's effective.

So, a person may not respond well to having all the family members come into a room and confront the person and say you must do X, you must do Y, you must get sober. Some people will just run out the door when that happens. You need to know the person who is being intervened on. A gentler, softer way to do that is to have family members write letters. Every family member write a letter, and just deliver it to the person who is suffering from the disease. This way, they have the information, they have the people's feelings around the disease and what's happening to the person, and they can read it on their own time.

They can take it in, they can absorb it, on their own time, and in their own way. It's important, though, to remember, that if somebody is really suffering from an addiction and their life is in danger, that it's very important that you take action and you bring in the professional help that you need to do an intervention and make sure that the person gets the proper medical care that they need so they can get out of harm's way.

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