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What's the Key to Addiction Recovery?

Learn the keys to addiction recovery from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The keys to addiction recovery are first of all, an incredible capacity to be honest and an incredible capacity to work through your fears. Addictions are something that are very tightly embedded in us. They're something that we're very addicted to. We're addicted to our addictions and so getting rid of them requires an enormous amount of courage and it requires an enormous amount of strength.
A lot of people recover, millions of people recover. There's incredible hope and healing for people who suffer from addictions.

The keys are first of all, willingness to admit that you have a problem, addictions are surrounded by what we call defense mechanisms. The two most prominent of these are what we call denial and rationalization. Denial tells us that we don't have a problem and rationalization tells us that our problem really isn't all that bad. So in order to recover from addictions we need to break through these defense mechanisms and get sober, and then figure out a way of staying sober and incorporating recovery into our life.

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