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How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost?

Learn how much addiction treatment costs from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The range of treatment cost varies considerably. You can go anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $60, 70, 80,000 a month. What's important when you're looking for the treatment center is look for a track record. Look for success with a treatment center. Look for the quality of the staff, that's critically important. Uh, look for a treatment center that's licensed. That has the appropriate license. Also look for a treatment center that's holistic, that takes a holistic approach. I work for the Caron Treatment Centers and we take a very holistic approach to treatment. We look at the physical aspects of the disease. We look at the psychological aspects of the disease. And we also look at the spiritual aspect of the disease, because it's important for people not just to get sober, but to stay sober for life. So while the price of treatment ranges considerably, it's very important to check to make sure if you're spending money, if you're spending any money at all, that you're sending the person to a treatment center that can address all of their needs. Again, those being the biological, the psychological, and the spiritual aspects of the disease.

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