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Is the Family Involved in Addiction Treatment?

Learn how the family is involved in addiction treatment from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The family should definitely be involved in treatment. Listen, we know that the family was very involved in the disease, that they were profoundly impacted by the disease of addiction. So they need to be involved in the treatment. We know that addictions do not occur in isolation. And that they impact families in a very dramatic, very destructive way. So in order for the person who suffers from the addiction to heal, the whole family needs to heal. There needs to be treatment in the family. We know that there are also a lot of behaviors that went on in families that supported the addiction in a lot of ways. We know that we see a lot of what's called enabling, where family members will do things to support the addiction in the person -- not intentionally, not because they wanted to cause destruction in the person's life. But because they don't have the tools that they need to support that person in recovery. So being involved in the recovery process gives them the tools they need to address the emotional trauma that they've experienced, he harm that they've experienced, the trauma, basically, that they've experienced as a result of the addiction that impacted not just the individual, but also the entire family structure.

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