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8 Telltale Addiction Symptoms

Learn the eight telltale signs and symptoms of addiction from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The telltale signs of addictions really fall into two categories. The first are the physical ways that the disease manifests itself. So people will either gain a lot of weight or they'll lose a lot of weight. They'll look disheveled. They will have changes in their appearances which are not normal.

And then, there's the psychological aspect of it. People will have profound mood swings or they will be really elated at one point and then really depressed at another point. So while people tend to have normal mood swings, this exceeds the range of that, so they are very severe.

You also want to look at people who are spending a lot of money or people having more consequences in their life. Is their performance at work faltering? Is their school performance faltering? Are they having trouble in their relationships? Are they incapable of keeping, are there friends who they've had for a long time no longer in their lives? Do they now have a whole new set of friends?

So again, you want to look for the biological, the physical manifestations of the disease, which impacts the persons, the way that they look, the way that they behave, and then the emotional ways that the disease manifests itself in terms of these mood swings and depression or elation that the person has in their life.

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