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Addiction Treatment FAQs

Get all your addiction treatment questions answered from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


So the most common question that I get from people who are dealing with an addiction is, "Do you think I'm an addict?" And my response is, only you know whether you're an addict because you are the person who's going to have to do the work and take the actions that you are going to need to do to not just to get clean and sober but stay sober in your life.

So while I help discover how the addiction is impacting their life and then helping them in the recovery process, the real question is whether a person is an addict can only be answered by that person themselves.

Another question that I frequently get is, you know, "Who can be an addict?" And in my experience, anybody can be an addict. That addiction does not discriminate on the base of race, class, culture, sexual identity, sexual orientation. That addiction cuts across every single demographic and affects everyone. It doesn't matter if you're the richest person in the world or if you're the poorest person in the world or if you're a middle-class person trying to make it in America, you are at a risk for developing addiction. And the good news is that not only are you at a risk for developing an addiction, but you can recover from your addiction.

So addiction is a disease that affects everybody, but also is a disease that everybody has the capacity to heal from.

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