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2 Key Signs of Alcohol Abuse & Addiction

Learn the two keys signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The key sign of knowing whether or not you are having a problem with alcohol, whether you are engaging in alcohol abuse or become an alcoholic is your incapacity to put a boundary around your use. So in other words you say that you are only going to have one drink and you end up having three or ten or you don't know how many drinks you had because you went into a blackout. So you kinda, this incapacity to make, put boundaries around your use. Also what happens for people who abuse alcohol and become alcoholics, is that the alcohol begins to make decisions for them. So they lose the capacity to make healthy decisions for themselves. So they'll sleep with people who they never had intention of sleeping with, they'll spend money they never intended on spending. And they will continue to drink and engage in reckless or destructive behaviour. So again it's these two factors, this incapacity to put a boundary around your use and then its having the alcohol make decisions for you and your life that you wouldn't normally make when you are sober.

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