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Alcoholism vs. Alcohol Dependence

Learn the difference between alcoholism and alcohol dependence from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The key difference between alcohol dependence and alcoholism is this concept of consequences. So, in alcohol dependence the person has negative consequences in their life. In their personal life, in their relationships. So, we really wanna focus on the consequences that this alcohol use is having. Alcoholism on the other hand is defined by this notion of tolerance and withdrawal. So that the person needs to consume more and more of the alcohol over time to get the same line, base line effect, and that, when they don't have it they experience physical and psychological distress in their lives. So the difference is really again, in alcohol dependence were looking at the consequences that the alcohol use has on the persons life. In alcoholism we're looking really at this concept of tolerance and withdrawal.

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