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How to Seek Support for Your Alcoholism Recovery

Learn how to seek support for your alcoholism recovery from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


So we know that alcoholism is a very isolating disease in people. It has a negative impact in relationships in people's lives so it's critically important when a person goes into a recovery that they begin to establish quality relationships with other people in their life. you're also on recovery. This is why a 12 steps program is so important and has such a high success rate in the treatment of alcoholism. So in getting support for your recovery it's important how they say in a program that you change people places and things, that you don't wanna go back to your old friends that were drinking and using drugs, that you don't wanna hang out in the same bars that you were hanging out with before, and that you wanna change up your life a little bit, that you wanna create a new life based upon recovery and how to use so you wanna make sure again that you make significant changes in your life and get a new circle of friends and people who are supportive of your recovery and who are not encouraging you to urge you into alcohol use.

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