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America's 3 Most Abused Drugs

Learn what three drugs are most abused in America from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


From my experience as an addictions therapist with the Caron Treatment enters in New York City, the drugs that I see abused the most are prescription drugs. That people are either taking these drugs not as they are prescribed, or they're taking drugs that should be prescribed to them or not.

So for instance, mom is taking three of her Valiums when she should only be taking one, and then she gets addicted to them. Or Junior goes into his father's medicine cabinet and takes his Oxycontin or his Valium, and takes it himself and gives it to his friends. So there's this incredible, with my experience, this crisis, what we're having in cities and all over America, in terms of people who are abusing prescription drugs.

Typically these medications fall into a number of categories. The first are what we call benzodiazepines. It's a fancy way of saying drugs that calm us down. So those are the Valiums. Those are the Xanaxs. We also see people who are addicted to the opiates, which are the pain medications.

I'm seeing a lot of Oxycontin abuse, and then addicted people come in with issues that they're having with amphetamines and drugs that are making them high and speedy. And again, these are drugs that have an impact on the person's energy level, and they think they are speedy.

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