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Drug Addiction FAQs

Get all your drug addiction questions answered from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The most common question that I get as an addictions therapist with the Caron Treatment Centers, in New York City is can I get addicted to my prescription drugs, and the answer is an unqualified, yes. I see more and more people every year coming in with addictions to prescription drugs. They start taking their oxycotin for pain, and then become dependent and then addicted on it, or they're prescribed Xanax for anxiety, and then they become dependent, and then addicted to it.

The other question that I get a lot of is, are people still using cocaine? I was at a dinner party the other night, and cocaine came up and a friend of mine said to me, "People are actually still using cocaine?" And yes, they are. They're using cocaine. They're using a lot of cocaine. The issue with cocaine where cocaine really became a huge problem, was with crack cocaine. Because cocaine, which used to be expensive and not accessible to everybody, suddenly became very cheap and accessible. So we're seeing a huge problem with cocaine and with crack cocaine.

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