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What Is Bath Salt Addiction?

Learn about the substance abuse of a synthetic powder known as bath salts from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


So the first point that I want to make here is what bath salts are. Bath salts are not something that people put in their baths to relax them, they're chemicals people put in their bodies to make them high. The high that they experience from this is similar to amphetamines. It gives them an incredible rush of energy.

Why these things are so dangerous is because that A, they're chemicals and B, they're chemicals that are not regulated. That basically people are buying these over the counter in stores. So nobody really knows what's in them. And that putting a chemical in your body that you don't know where it came from is a very dangerous thing.

And again, it's a high that people get from them and the reason why they're doing it is because they think it's fun or their friends are doing it and the negative consequences are profound as a result of this.

If you tried bath salts and you think that it's fun and want to continue using them, I would have a serious conversation with you about that. Bath salts are incredibly dangerous. There's an addictive quality to them because people get a profound high from them so they're constantly chasing that high, they're constantly chasing that buzz, which requires them to ingest more and more and more of these things which has a profoundly negative, profoundly toxic effect on your body and your brain.

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