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What Is Salvia Addiction?

Learn about the substance abuse of the herb salvia from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


My work as an Addictions Therapist at the Caron Treatment Centers in New York City involves seeing people who have had profoundly negative consequences in their lives as a result of taking drugs. Sometimes they think that just because a drug is natural, because it grows in nature that it's safe. That's absolutely not the case. An example of this is Salvia. People think that because it comes from a plant that it's safe. Well in fact it's not. Salvia is a hallucinogenic, which means that it causes psychosis. It's a very fancy way of saying that people detach from reality. So they're not existing in reality once they're under the influence. They're existing in this other state which causes them to do a lot of crazy things, and causes them to engage in a lot of high-risk behavior. It causes them to cause a lot of damage in their life. So it causes profound negative consequences in a person's life. And just because it comes from a natural plant doesn't mean that it's safe.

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