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Is Chocolate Addiction Real?

Learn if chocolate addiction is real from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


So the thought of having a chocolate addiction I'm sure is appealing to many of you. All of us love chocolate, right? I mean it tastes great. It makes us feel good. But the question becomes, can we develop an addiction to chocolate? The answer is yes. A chocolate addiction falls into the category of an eating disorder. So people become addicted to a certain part of the food. In this case, say, the sugar aspect of the chocolate. And they find that they're consuming more than they would like. They're thinking about the chocolate all the time and it's having a negative impact on their health physically, their emotional life. That they can get these incredible guilt and shame after they binge on chocolate. And it's affecting their relationships with people. They could be lying about the amount of chocolate that they're eating. They could be hiding their chocolate use. I had a patient once who would keep a bag of chocolates. Always, would never be without a bag of ah, chocolate candy in her handbag and she would hide it from other people. She wouldn't let anyone else know that she had this bag of chocolate in her purse. When she didn't have this, she had incredible anxiety around it. And she was always consumed, she was always thinking about chocolate in her life. So again it's this obsessive thought about chocolate. It's this incapacity to stop once you start. And it's feeling guilty and shameful about the amount of chocolate that you've eaten.

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