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How to Break a Chocolate Addiction

Learn how to break a chocolate addiction from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


So when we're talking about a chocolate addiction what we're really talking about, is a person who suffers from distorted eating. Meaning that when they start, they can't stop. Meaning that when they consume a whole lot of chocolate, they have a lot of guilt and shame about it, or they hide their use. They keep their use very secretive. The way to break a chocolate addiction is to take chocolate out of your life. You can substitute chocolate for other foods that are healthier.

So for instance, if you find yourself addicted to chocolate bars, you can eat a banana. A banana is healthier. It has incrementally healthier impact on you than eating chocolate. So you're taking out what we call your trigger food. In this case, the chocolate is your trigger food, and you're substituting another food that's healthier. We're identifying the food that gives you the problem, in this case it's chocolate. We're taking it out of your diet, and we're putting in its place something else. Another food that's healthier. That doesn't cause you distress. That doesn't cause you the same problems that chocolate causes you.

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