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Is TV Addiction Real?

Learn if TV addiction is real from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


The question is, is there such a thing is TV addiction and the answer is you can become addicted to just about anything. TV addiction falls into the class of addictions called behavior addictions. So we're not addicted to a substance, like a drug or alcohol, but we're addicted to a process, we're addicted to the process of watching TV. We lose ourselves in the television, we lose track of time, we lose connection with our friends and family; it's causing stress in our personal relationships, people are complaining about the amount of TV that we are watching. So, yes, these are the ways to recognize whether or not you have a TV addiction. So, again, it's looking at the way that TV is impacting your life and if it has a control over your life, if it has a negative impact in your life, then you want to take a look at that and figure out healthier ways of controlling your TV use, or maybe even cutting out TV from your life.

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