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How Much Internet Use Is Too Much for Teens?

Learn if your child is on the internet too much from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Well, if you're a parent who's concerned about your son's or your daughter's Internet use you're not alone.

Almost every parent who I work with at the Care and Treatment Centers in New York City is concerned about his or her son's or daughter's Internet use.

It's a problem in their life when it starts to affect their performance in school. When it starts to affect their relationships with their friends. When it starts to affect their relationship with other family members.

When it causes conflict in their life. And typically parents knows that this is very common.

So, what are we looking for really? What we're looking for really is where the Internet use is taking over the person's life, the child's life. And they're being defined by their Internet use rather than what they're doing in the world.

Whether they're engaged in sports. Whether they're engaged in academics. Who their friends are. So, their life becomes very, very narrow.

And we want to make sure that our children's lives are expansive and full of other things other than the Internet.

Some of the ways to address this issue is to put containers, put boundaries around your child's Internet use. It's perfectly appropriate for you to limit the amount of time that they're spending on these games.

There's also software that you can install on your kid's computer that will track where they are going and limit the amount of time that they are using. The best place to find this is on our website which is

And if you go there you can find additional tips on dealing with Internet addiction with your child. And find out some of the software that you can install on their computer to help you keep track of where they're going and to manage the impact that it has in their life.

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