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Should You Smoke Pot with Your Kid?

Learn if you should smoke pot with your kid from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


You should not smoke pot with your kids. You wanting to smoke pot with your kids is basically a way of you justifying your pot use. But it's important for you not to do that because you don't want to teach your kids bad habits, but you also don't want to interfere with the development of their brain. We know that the adolescent, the teenage brain is going through profound changes, and that the brain really doesn't solidify until around the age of twenty-two. We know that the child's brain is developing from the back of the brain, which rules their impulses and emotions -- and anybody who lives with a teenage knows that that is in full force during teenage and adolescent years -- into the front part of the brain, which rules logic. And we want our kids to develop the capacity to make logical, non-impulsive decisions. When you put marijuana into that brain, it interferes with the capacity for the front part of the brain, the logical part of the brain, to develop appropriately. So you're going to have kids who are going to have delayed emotional psychological responses to the world around them, and they're going to continue to act out in a world in unhealthy ways. So, again, it's important for you not to smoke marijuana with your kids, because, again, the brain of your children is developing. It's not fully developed until they're around the age of twenty-two years old. It's going to have negative physiological and psychological impact on them, and you're sending out a message to your kids that changing their emotions by substances is okay. And our children need to develop the capacity to handle their uncomfortable emotions in healthy constructive ways, not through drugs and alcohol.

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