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What Is Kleptomania?

Learn about kleptomania -- an addiction to stealing -- from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Kleptomania is this irresistible urge to steal something of insignificant value. So they're not stealing for the value of the thing that they're taking, they're stealing for the high that they get, the adrenaline rush that they get from taking the risk. It becomes addictive when people put themselves in harm's way. So for instance, they're placing their reputation on the line. They're placing their personal safety on the line. They're taking risks they wouldn't normally take, which has a negative impact on their life. So again, the key with kleptomania is that this irresistible urge they cannot help themselves from taking something. So the reason why the people are stealing the object is not because of what it is, but it's because of the feeling that it gives them. So it gives them this incredible rush of adrenaline, it's this risk that they're taking and they get a high, this euphoric feeling from the thoughts leading up to the

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