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Are All Drugs Bad?

Learn if all drugs are bad in this addiction video from Howcast.


So people come to me and they say, do you think that all drugs are bad and do you think that drugs should just be eliminated from the planet? Absolutely not. Drugs serve a very valid purpose in our life if they are medically prescribed, and if they are taken as prescribed. What happens is that people tend to go outside of that and start making decisions on their own, and start using drugs to change their mood, manage their emotions, and they take them in a way that's not medically prescribed. This is essentially what happens in people who are addicted. The drug starts calling to them, and it's calling to them in a way that they cannot resist. So instead of taking them as medically prescribed, they start making their own judgment about how and when they are going to take the drugs. What happens is they develop a dependence on the drugs. That they feel they need the drugs to function in the world, and then they become physically and psychologically addicted to the drugs. So no, I don't think that all drugs are bad. I think drugs are actually good if they are used as prescribed, and as prescribed by a medical doctor who's treating a very specific condition.

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