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How to Overcome an Opiate Addiction

Learn how to overcome an opiate addiction from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Opiates belong to a class of drugs that cause pain to go away, but they also give us a sense of euphoria. So people become addicted to the drugs, not only psychologically because of the euphoria, but they also develop a physical addiction to the drug. So it's very important for people who are addicted to opiates to seek medical help, and I'm going top say that twice, because it's critically important that they seek medical help.

The body becomes dependent upon the drugs and you cannot just stop taking them, without the care of a physician, that the body needs to go through a process of detox and there needs to be monitoring in place, to make sure that the person doesn't experience an enormous amount of physical distress and physical injury, as a result of getting off of the drugs.

It's also important that a person have, in addition to the medical supervision a program of recovery, typically a 12-step program that they can plug into where they can be connected with other people, other human beings who are also suffering from addiction, but who have also found the cure. Because even though there's an enormous amount of suffering that goes into drug addiction, there's also an enormous amount of hope and recovery in the field.

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