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Can Someone Be Addicted to Love?

Learn if a person can be addicted to love from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Somebody can definitely be addicted to love and there are a a lot of people that are. At the Caron Treatment Centers we treat people who suffer from a love addiction or what used to be called co-dependency. We treat it at a program called Breakthrough, which is at our Warnersville, Pennsylvania facility. The thing that people become addicted to with love is dopamine that 's released in the brain when they are with someone who they love.

The brain has this natural capacity to release a chemical called dopamine, which gives us a sense of euphoria, and people then become addicted to it, they want more and more and more of it. They need more and more and more of it, and when they don't have it, they experience distress. So if there's a person who they are in love with and that person goes away they experience incredible distress. They are obsessed about thinking about that person. Their life depends upon that person in their life, and the consequences of that person leaving; even if it's only for a little bit are profound and well outside the norm; of what would happen in a person who doesn't suffer from a love addiction.

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