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What Is Sexual Anorexia?

Learn what sex anorexia is, and how it relates to sex addiction, from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Sexual anorexia is a condition where people deny themselves sex so they establish very rigid boundaries around sex so they will not talk about anything sexual, they refuse to have any sexual connection with another person. There is an incredible amount of anxiety around sex and the way that they manage that anxiety around sex is by obsessively compulsively not engaging in sex. So it's a very real condition and it's a condition that results from and underlying condition, an underlying disorder. Either anxiety, primarily anxiety but it can also be a manifestation of depression in people's lives and their need to control their internal emotional state by controlling something external to themselves. So the main issue with sexual anorexia is the rigidity around which a person approaches sex. So they refuse to have sex in any way, we know that sex is an impulse. Sex is a drive that we have as humans, like eating that we need sex to nurture our bodies and nurture our soul. So if you're experiencing sexual anorexia, it's very important for you to seek people who are specifically trained to deal with this issue, who have experience in addressing this issue and have a way of guiding you to the solution you need in order to have a sexual expression in your life.

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