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How to Understand Emotional Infidelity

Learn what emotional infidelity is from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Typically when we think of infidelity, we think in terms of physical infidelity where one person actually has sex with another person. There's something else that's called emotional infidelity, where somebody doesn't necessarily have sex with another person, but they engage in this very intimate emotional relationship with that person. What causes it is typically instability in their primary relationship. That they feel the need to go outside of their primary relationship to get their emotional needs fulfilled. What happens in doing that, is that they're eroding the trust that's in their primary relationship and interfering, having a negative impact, on the emotional strength and the emotional value of their primary relationship. So while infidelity may occur in a relationship, it need not destroy the relationship. What's important for couples who have experienced infidelity in their relationship to do, is engage in a dialogue and explore the reasons why the infidelity occurred. And then you can come up with a way to solve those particular problems, to address those problems that are in your relationship, or make a decision that you want to leave the relationship. But it's important that you engage in a process to address the infidelity, understand why it occurred and understand the ways that you can address it to move forward with your relationship.

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