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6 Key Signs of a Crack Addiction

Learn the six key signs of a crack addiction from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


Crack has become a huge problem in our country. The availability of crack is profound. What happened was that cocaine became available in a much less expensive form so people began using crack cocaine in record numbers. What we look for in looking for a crack addiction is a change in the person's physical and psychological presentation in the world. So that's a fancy way of saying that they look differently, they lose an enormous amount of weight, they are not sleeping, they are disheveled looking, there is a change in their teeth -- their teeth become discolored because of the inhaling of the crack cocaine. Emotionally they become very erratic, they become very irritable, again they may not sleep for days at a time. So it's this profound change in their physical and psychological presentation.

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