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7 Key Signs of a Food Addiction

Learn the seven key signs of a food addiction from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


As an addictions therapist at the care and treatment centers as I primarily treat people who have drug and alcohol addictions. And what I see a lot happening with people who suffer from those addictions is that they have what we call co-occurring addictions, which are other addictions, say to food or to sex or to something else. You know that you have an addiction if it’s something that’s consuming your life. If you find yourself obsessing about food, if you find that when you eat certain food you can’t stop until you get physical sick, or you have enormous amounts of shame or, guilt or regret about the food that you have eaten. So the key element here is this compulsion that you have to continue to keep eating this obsessive thoughts, these obsessive thoughts you have about the food and the same capacity to stop once you started it. We also know that all addictions thrive in secrecy and food addictions are no exception to this rule. And people who have food addictions tend to eat in secrecy. They tend to hide the amount of food that they are eating, they tend to hide the actual food that they are eating. They may need to carry certain food around with them all the time. They need to know that they have access to food all the time. If they don’t have this access they experience distress about not having access to the particular food that they are addicted to.

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