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What Is the Most Addictive Substance?

Learn what the most addictive substance is from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


As an addictions therapist with current treatment centers in New York city we've moved away from looking at the addictive nature of substances and we now look at the addictive personality types that people who suffer from addiction share. So we know that people maybe become addicted to one particular thing. Say they develop alcoholism, they become addicted to alcohol and then if you take the alcohol away from them if they enter into a recovery program and they have recovery around their alcoholism, that their personality then will move them into another addiction, a secondary addiction. So it's really looking at the personality and figuring out that personality. And figuring out how to create a holistic recovery program for that person that address's their addictive personality. So the solution there is not so much in the substance. The focus isn't on the addictive nature of this substance but it becomes on the addictive nature of the person's personality. And that's how we create a successful program of recovery. So we know that people are addicted to a hormone that the brain releases called dopamine and the dopamine is something that makes us feel terrific. It gives us a sense of calm. It makes us feel at ease in the world and so people become addicted to that. And they attach that release, the release of the dopamine to either a addicted behavior or an addictive substance. So it's very, there's a very strong connection between addictions and what's happening in our brain. And as we move forward in the fields of addictions we're beginning to focus much more attention to the mechanics of the brain and what's happening in our brains, then focusing on the nature of the substances that the people are using in order to get that feeling. In order to get that euphoric high.

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