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How to Overcome a Painkiller Addiction

Learn how to overcome a painkiller addiction from Dr. Paul Hokemeyer in this Howcast video.


In my practice at the care and treatment centers in New York City, I have a lot of people coming to me who were prescribed pain medicine by their doctor and they subsequently became addicted to it. What that means is they developed tolerance to it that required them to take more and more of it over time and now they are terrified of going off of it because they will go through withdrawal and they can't even imagine living their life without this pain medicine. What has to happen in that situation is we need to bring in a medically trained professional who can oversee a detox from the drug and then we get the person in a program of recovery, so it's not that we're just going to completely rip the drug away from the person. We are going to put them in a program where we will decrease the amount of drug they are taking, supplement that with perhaps some other form of medication that will eliminate their withdrawal symptoms and then give them something else that will enable them to manage their physical discomfort and their emotion discomfort. The emotional discomfort that comes from this sense that they profoundly need this, that this is what they need in order to function in the world. So uh, treating uh addictions to pain medicine is very doable. It's something we have enormous success in doing and if you think that you have a problem with pain medication, it's important that you contact a professional and get some very solid, very grounded advice on going about treating it.

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