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How to Give a Deep Tissue Neck Massage

Learn how to massage the neck using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


Now we’re going to be working on one of my favorite places to work, on the neck. I think it’s often neglected, and it shouldn’t be. So we’re going to start with one long stroke up to the base of the scalp just to get the tissue used to you. And then I’m going to be using those knuckles to sort of pull down and stretch the neck at the same time as giving a little massage there in the trap. And then head back up. There’s about 200 teeny, tiny little muscles in the neck so it really needs you to get in there. Again, you don’t want to touch the spine. You just go right along the spine. You can even do some circular motions in there, and that helps pull those little muscles apart. You can do a couple of pass overs like this. Again it’s just a really nice stretch. You’ll see her head is moving naturally as you stretch this out. And it’s nice to even do a little direct pressure, a little motion up here at the base of the skull where those muscles insert right there in the occiput. Another place that is often neglected is right here in the SCM, sternocleidomastoid. And don’t be shy, but do check in with your client. You can kind of grab onto that muscle, and you’ll sometimes feel a little bit of the adhesions that hold that muscle down in the neck. And you can also just do a nice slow pass over. You’ll feel the muscle belly right under, and it’s typically pretty easy to pick out there. And you’re going to go nice and slowly all the way up. And that is how you give a deep tissue neck massage.

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