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How to Give a Deep Tissue Back Massage

Learn how to massage the back using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


We've already prepped the tissue with some nice Swedish massage. Now we're going to go ahead and do the deep tissues massage for the back. I'm going to use my elbow and my forearm for this. Nice and slowly, you're going to access the tissue. Right now, I'm using my forearm close to the elbow. But if I were to find a particular spot where I feel that she could handle it, I could go ahead and go in there with my elbow.

This comes down to checking in with your client and making sure that they feel that it's comfortable. You can do this all the way down the erectors. Again, always going nice and slow, so that you can access that tissue much deeper, and when you get to the base, it's even nice just to do some strokes down there at the end. Pull back up with a nice completion of the body.

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