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How to Deep Tissue Massage the Lower Back

Learn how to massage the lower back using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So when beginning a lower back deep tissue massage, I always typically start at the very top of the erectors and move down slowly with my thumbs there on each side of the spine, careful not to touch the spine. This sort of gets the back prepared for you entering that low back area.

Down here is the sacrum. You can sort of think of it as the area where the dimples are. If you give a couple of nice circular motions to that with your thumbs, you'll sort of get that area prepared. Now I'm going to use my knuckles. Again, I'm going to do some circles in that area, right there on the sacrum. It feels really good.

And then I'm going to come over here, and I'm going to prepare this tissue right here in the quadratus lumborum, or the Q.L. Just going nice and slowly with my fingertips at first. And you'll find yourself fall right into that groove in between the bottom rib and the hip.

And you can also go ahead, go back down with your forearm, and there's typically a spot right there that feels really great to have an elbow in it.

And that is a deep tissue massage for the low back.

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