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How to Deep Tissue Massage the Hips & Buttocks

Learn how to massage the hips and buttocks using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


So now I'm going to be showing you how to work with the glutes, the buttocks, and the hips with a deep tissue massage.

So go ahead and place your hand right underneath the ankle for support, and you're going to be going up and accessing those glutes. Your hand's basically going to fall right into that groove. And you can even do some motion with the leg, and allow your knuckles to fall right into that glute.

When you move the leg like this, it's doing some of the work for you because you're able to access muscles in there in the origins and insertions that you normally wouldn't. And then just gently place it back down. You can also use both of your knuckles here to access.

The glutes actually can be somewhat sensitive. Again, it's the largest muscle in the body, so you can have a lot of knots and adhesions in there. So, be initially gentle, sink in slowly, you'll access much deeper, and be sure to check in with your client.

You can also use your forearm. I say your forearm because you're going to want to start with your forearm at first and then you can move in with an elbow if the client says that they're okay with that, if they're comfortable with that. So I can tell that she's going to be okay, so right there in the center. Again, avoid the spiny processes. Right there, where the muscle is, you can sort of actually turn, you can rotate your elbow. That allows you to access more of that spot than just doing simple, direct pressure.

I find it sort of tricks the pain receptors when you add a little bit of motion with your deep tissue massage. So rather than just direct pressure where the brain can register as "That hurts, that hurts," giving it just a little bit of motion, you get to actually apply more pressure, and the brain sort of says "Maybe that hurts, maybe that doesn't. Maybe it hurts, maybe it doesn't," and then it ends up sort of going, "Humm, that feels good." So that's a little trick that I'm sharing with you.

So that is how you work with the hips and the buttocks.

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